Thursday, September 8, 2011

Rescue Lobster Ninja Clan

Felt like bringing one of my illustrations to life. I wanna put a retro type on it and then it should be done.

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  1. Really tough for all the OBS..they are being " black - balled" with DOVELEO now in full throttle.
    That took them to OD CA and FORSTER and they didn't want you to go there!
    But PAVABACK being what it is, mob - Nevada broke it loose, and they all came heavily down on JEN with STING .
    SCOMPO to CODESSE and FOCK WORMS destroyed them, and now , GE is giving logbooks on Rite Aid.
    Rove has totally " flat-lined".
    NJ- REMPATE made JACHESCO an ARYAN reality.
    And RAP now have a logbook that is blowing SKY DOLLS to " Mars".