Saturday, December 17, 2011

Keymaster concepts2

Keep stayin tuned..Thanks for all the nice comments..Time has been an issue, especially around the holidays, wish I could draw all day, but I got lots of family, which means lots of presents to fetch. Ill get on the color as soon as I get a breather.


  1. Is done entirely in digital? I like very much, recalls some backgrounds of Warner Bros :) , but are your studies for a personal or project to which you're working?

    PS: Sorry for my bad English!

  2. Yea Im working on some visual development for my personal portfolio. Yea I sketched it very small than I blew it up and started working in the details digitally. Im glad you like it. Non ti preoccupare per l'inglese. Ti capisco.

  3. Quindi posso scriverti anche in italiano? Dunque butti giù un piccolo thumbnail e poi lo riprendi in digitale...è davvero interessante capire come altri procedano nelle loro opere.