Monday, February 20, 2012

Drunk Master vis dev1

First of many to come, gonna go deep in this concept. I want to explore it further, plus I'm taking a class that will help me get better doing it. On to the next.


  1. This looks sick man! really jealous of you right now, I wish I could do something like this! keep it up

  2. Awesome Background ! I'd like to know how do you add the textures (especially in the green part in the foreground)? Did you do it while painting or after ?

    And I'm a huge fan of your designs !

    1. Thanks Pierre, there aren't any textures in this painitng. Its' custom brushes in photoshop, if I do add textures I'll do it in the end. You can download cool brushes and textures from a variety of sites.Try, and just play with them a bit.

  3. Hey thanks a lot for answering and for the site it's very nice of you !