Thursday, March 22, 2012


One of my backgrounds for my sherlock story, really wanted to do a rainforest. Im going to incorporate the characters as well. Just figuring out how and where. Got more bg's coming.


  1. damn!!!! really really really good work man!

  2. nice layout and textures. Top Notch

  3. The lighting and color look really nice.

  4. Thanks guys.Means a whole heap.

  5. That's amazing, and the use of textures is great ! Well done !

  6. This is an amazing work !! I love it !
    Can i ask you something ???
    What is your process to coloring your character... because i try to do this on photoshop but it doesn't work...

    Hope you understand me...

    Merci !! :)

  7. thanks again guys.
    Sonia: It's not tricky, Its all about layers for characters and environments, if you know their modes then you can do amazing things. I usually lay all the flat color in one layer, then I set that layer to multiply. I get another layer which goes underneath it and I start laying down the shading and rendering, with a custom brush. For highlights I set one layer at the top and paint with light colors. Then I set another layer on top of the highlights and put it on overlay mode ansI paint with even lighter colors. The stages are similar to those of an actual painting. Photoshop can be tricky, but with time you'll learn to use it and control it. Hope this helps.

  8. Hi !
    Yes, it was helpfull thank you, but i have one more question about the contouring...
    What is your process to have a perfect contouring of your character ? I scan my rough scketches, i try to do it with Pen tool but it's not perfect as yours.
    Hope to not disturb you...
    :) Thank you