Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Late Night Doodlin'

Just messing around a bit. I don't think I'll post for a while because I really want to give my portfolio a serious uplift, just wanna really impress some studios this time round. I'll be checking in with a random doodle every once in a while, cuz I like to break with those when Im working on a piece. Till next time, Ciao.


  1. Love your work man! Keep it up!

  2. Very cool, I love your graphic use of shapes! It's always nice to see rough sketches before they get tied down as well! Looking forward to your future posts=)

  3. Hi Gio, I can't tell you enough about how stunning your work is, seriously. How do you do your gorgeous line work? Is it traditional or digital? If it is digital, would you be willing to unveil your secret brush set up? 8D