Wednesday, July 25, 2012


A little into my process here.. Usually when I doodle down scribbles or shapes I don't have a direction where I'm going with them. But for these I was thinking of some evil professor busts. I was thinking of a boarding school somewhere in Europe for the setting of my Jazz Prodigy story. So I decided to dig deep and just think of some evil professors that would be teaching there. 

So, I play a lot in this stage.  Really try to stretch and pull as much as I can. 

Clean up and Line weight. 

The dreadful coloring stage. If I were to go into this more which I'll probably will, I'll take out the line work and render in the colors. I like it both ways.  Later I'll do a whole lineup of these guys and some kids in the boarding school, and after that will come the backgrounds. Want to research some locations first before I get too deep into it. I also have been recording my sessions while doodling, so I'll edit a video and show it to ya'll soon. That way you get to see my mind at work. Hope you digs..Ciao


  1. Great stuff! I've always been curious about animation so it's great to see some of the process and work that goes into it.:)

  2. Wowsome!!! your work is amazing, and the results of doodle can't be better, so interesting!

  3. Thanks for sharing your process. I was surprised how you can visualize from simple shapes to get final ones! Can't wait to see more!