Monday, October 15, 2012

Ponte del Diavolo

 So first off, it's great to be back to posting. I never thought I would have reached over 200 followers, thanks so much you guys it means a lot. I love character design, and I've been working on an upcoming   tv show for the past couple of months doing lots of designs. It's all over and I look forward to CTN and meeting a bunch of you guys.

So to take a break from all the designs, I did a bg. I wanted to show some progression shots. Sketched this up when the weather started to get gloomy in LA a few days ago. Although the bg isn't LA, but something more rustic and from my roots. I usually sketch something more defined but I saw what I wanted to do pretty quickly.
 I layed down the flats and hid the line work..
 Started to play with some custom brushes. Although those trees were all done with a simple brush. A pain to say the least, but I like going overboard sometimes.
 Then I started tackling this thing piece by piece, adding details. I think I have about over 50 layers so far in this stage.
 Luckily with everything in a separate layer, I can start playing with command U or ctrlU for pc users. I really liked the train by itself, but I wanted to see how it would look with a boy in the picture.

Turns out the boy doesn't get any love, but atmospheric perspective is put in it's place due to the handy pointers from my go to man Jarvis. He's on the blogroll you should give him a peep if you want to see some crazy illustrations. Well I hope I didn't bore ya'll, and I hope you dig it. Planning on doing some more of these pretty soon..Till next time..Ciao


  1. Thanks for sharing your process...I like how each artist has their own approach and I love learning new ones....btw, I really like the composition! :)

  2. This is great man, its awesome to see your progress. I hope we can run into eachother at CTN this year

  3. It's so awesome getting to see your process! Your work is amazing!

  4. Thanks for sharing your awesome process !

  5. Thanks Marcos..
    Thanks Dan, just make sure to keep that beard, I'll spot you.
    I appreciate it Hannah, thanks for following.
    My Pleasure Jules, loving your stuff on cup o doodle, keep them coming.

  6. This stuff is awesome! Love that process pic!

  7. nice man! I like seeing the process phase and where you decide to go with it ! Cool post Gio!